Thursday, 25 January 2018

The Different Types Of Awnings Available In The Market

You have always dreamt of having that amazing homing that you call your paradise where you have the most enticing environment that makes you feel comfortable and living like a king. In some way or another, you work hard to accomplish your desires, and you finally acquire the home of your dream.

You work tirelessly to install every equipment, create a stylish compound, install beautiful furnishings on both inside and the outside making it become the attraction center to all your visitors and passers-by. But one thing you realize is that somehow the climate is changing and becoming hostile to the furnishings and start losing the value of your parlor, and this is something you don't want to happen. This is the time you think of something that can protect your home from harsh weather, and this is when you get the idea of awnings. Awnings can protect your building exteriors from unnecessary exposure as they act as a protective screen. To realize the best awning for your home, you have to understand the following types.

Stationary Awning
This type of awning is usually a permanent canopy that is fixed on top of your home exterior to prevent extreme weather from hitting your house directly. They are strong and durable to reduce the impact of strong winds, collect the falling snow and minimize hot sun damages. You can have stationary awnings specifically custom made for your home by the experts. The manufacturers of this awning cater to the needs of different individuals by unveiling awnings made from different materials such as vinyl, traditional canvas, decorated plastic to fit in your patio and deliver the particular needs of different people.

Portable Awning
The portable awnings have numerous advantages and can also be obtained as custom made to fulfill the specific needs. If you purchase one of these, you can move it from one part of the house to another depending on the direction of the extreme weather. You can fit it in the direction of the snowfall to reduce the impact and change it when the direction alternates and also do the same in case of different climate situation such as the extreme sun. With these type of awning, you don't have to incur an extra cost of purchasing several as you can just use a few by alternating to various positions depending on the demand of weather and climate changes.

Motorized Awnings:

These types of awnings use the latest technology where they use electric power for operation. The good thing is that they do not require much of manual work. You only need to hire an expert for installation; you can also go ahead and request the experts to integrate the system and install your remote control. Motorized awnings can be switched on to roll up the canopy if you see the weather is changing may when its about to rain. If your system has been installed with the sensors, the sensors can detect weather changes and roll up the canopy or retract the awning from the top when the weather condition is pleasant.

Retractable Awnings
Most people are fond of these awnings because of flexibility. These awnings are portable and also retractable, you can install them during the time of the day when there is harsh weather condition and roll up then later on after use and store them somewhere. They are strong and durable and can withstand extreme conditions. The possibility of installing them when needed and storing provide a long lasting period, and you don't have to purchase new awnings every time thus saving you a lot of other essential needs.

The above are the common awning types available in the market for your perfect home, but you will find other companies classifying the awnings in various categories as follows:

The Freestanding Awnings
These are awnings that stand on their own and do not require to be mounted on the walls. They are flexible and can be installed in various positions of your home, and the patio awnings can be fixed over the freestanding awnings for support making the protective screen much stronger. They are popular for homeowners, business premises, lawns, poolside because they can cover a wide area. They come in various models and design thus offering consumers a wide selection for different needs.

The Conservatory Awnings

These awnings are made with exclusive design and framework, and they are usually fitted to the current roofing structure. They come in the internal design that prevents the sun rays from hitting the glass windows directly; the external design is fitted over the internal design promoting a better cover. This ensures the temperature inside your home is controlled and you experience evenly spread warmth desired in your house. These awnings protect your furnishings and patio from the sun rays damage and would survive for long before fading and wearing out.

Commercial and Domestic Use Awnings
Commercial awnings are made with sturdiness and long lasting materials and large to cover large areas. They can be installed in places like hospitals and restaurants where the people living in these premises require a stable and constant room temperatures. They also prevent vandalism cases and cases where buildings are filled with unauthorized signwriting on the walls. They can be used to expand the space around and promote aesthetics. On the other hand domestic awnings come with perfect designs, styles, and varied sizes to fit every home requirements for the perfect match with the existing structure including the color.


It is evident that awnings can protect your home from the damage from harsh weather conditions. You don't have to witness your home lose its value while doing nothing, you need to consult an expert when your home is still shining and new. Let them advise on which awnings best fit your home and request for cost estimates. This will help you decide appropriately while selecting your awnings. You also need to hire an expert who can install the awnings on your patios so that the home maintains the beautiful construction design as you may ruin the smartness and decorations if you try to do it by yourself.