Thursday, 28 June 2018

Types of Awnings

An awning will always be an excellent addition to your home. They are part of the exterior accessories that acts like jewelry to your house. Not only do awnings improve the appearance of your outdoor space but they also provide you with a comfortable place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

The good news is that there are various types of awnings you can choose for your home. For example, if you would love to take your breakfast on the balcony without worrying about sunburns, then a classy awning will sort you out.

Why not have barbecues on the patio even on a rainy day? Adding this exterior covers to your home offers a lot of compelling advantages both to your indoor and outdoor. These advantages include:

• They add appeal to your house
• Reduce the costs of home cooling
• Protect your furnishing against damages
• Add extra space for outdoor entertainment

Types of Awnings

The best part about awnings is that they are very versatile. They come in various patterns, sizes, colors, shapes, and styles. As such, you can take time and choose a model that suits your exterior best. For instance, if you want it installed to the exteriors of your house, then you need to get something sturdy enough to withstand all weather conditions. It is also important to note that you can either go for a temporal or permanent structure.

To help you decide on the type of awning that offers you the value of your money; here is a detailed review of the most classy awnings you can find in Singapore.

1. Retractable

If you want something flexible that can be folded up or rolled at your own will, then retractable awning is the best options. The retractable awning gives you the freedom to decide the time you want them up. So, whenever you need to shield dust and direct light, you simply roll them up. The best part is that you can pull them back to provide just the right amount of cover you need. If the weather is too extreme, you can stow them away for safe keeping.

A retractable awning is the most popular choice because you can easily prevent it from getting damaged by the wind or snow. However, you have to be ready to bear a hefty initial expense. There are four main components of a retractable awning to keep in mind:

I. Cover
The fabric should be durable, dirt resistant and able to hold its color even after exposure to adverse climate.

II. Frame
The frame is a major part of the awning that provides support. You need it strong and corrosion free for durability.

III. Motor
Evidently, you would not want to a racket every time you want to roll up your awning. So the best motor would be a quiet and maintenance free model.

IV. Fabrics
You need a material that can resist the extreme weather effect. The quality material will ensure that you enjoy your awning for the longest time.

2. Motorized

These type of awnings is powered by electricity that rolls it up into place. You operate it using a remote control that helps you roll or fold it up. What’s more, they are also fitted with sensors to monitor the changes in the weather. The sensors activate it when it is sunny and folding it when it gets windy.

For the installation process, you need to call in an electrician to ensure everything is in place. While the motorized awning is very convenient, there is a higher possibility of malfunction. Therefore, it’s always best to ensure that the unit has an automatic override just in case you need to crank it using your hands.

3. Stationery

The stationery awnings are permanently attached to the wall, doors or window. They are usually very stable and able to withstand rain, wind and even worse weather conditions. You can get it customized to suit your needs and can even fit the oddest shaped decks. They also offer full protection against all weather conditions. The stationery awnings are the best for smaller areas such as doors and windows.
Before you settle on a stationary awning, there are some things you need to consider if you wish to enjoy it for a long time. These include the area you need to cover because larger areas will require more support and high maintenance costs. If you feel that this is the type of awing you need, then it is advisable to invite a specialist to asses its stability requirements.

4. Portable

These are probably the most convenient type of awning. They can be moved from one location to another if the need arises. Though not the most stable, they work perfectly in offering your shelter from the sun and dust.

The three main types of portable awning include:

I. Umbrella
II. Canopy
III. Free standing awning

The problem with portable awnings is that they do not provide much shelter as compared to the station awning. The good news is that you will not need to rob a bank to acquire one.

5. Window Covers

If most time your house is exposed to direct sunlight, then you have a reason to get worried. This is because solar energy causes your home to abnormally warming making your AC run double. To avoid this, you need to get window covers to block the direct rays. The windows cover can either be retractable, motorized or stationery. They are simple yet elegant additions to your home. They will give your house a rich posh feeling while keeping it cozy and cool.


If you are looking to expand your outdoor theme, give it a new look or shield it from the scorching sun, then there are variety of awnings available for you. A covered outdoor space allows you to take full advantage of different awnings available to protect yourself from unpleasant weather conditions. With this information, it is upon you to gauge the costs and settle for a model that offers you all benefits. It is also important to seek advice from an expert just to be on the safe side.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Awning Installation Tips You Need To Consider

Installation of awnings to a window, door, deck or storefront has become very popular today. These structures can be composed of canvas or other materials stretched over a frame and are installed on the outer walls of a building. Both commercial establishments and residential homes have these add-0n structures to provide a shade against rainfall and sunshine. Furthermore, awnings can improve the curb appeal of your home and make it look more attractive and beautiful. If you are looking to install awnings in your home or commercial property, the certain vital things that you need to keep in mind for the best installation. Let us look at these awning installation tips.

Know The Right Type Of Awning For Your Home
When choosing the awning, choose the one that best fits your purpose and requirements. Awnings come in basically come in two varieties: retractable or fixed. The difference between the two is the capacity to move. A fixed awning serves as a permanent structure. It provides continuous weather protection and is always there for uninterrupted cover and shade. Retractable awnings, on the other hand, offer movement and provide the option of shade or sun. If you want full weather protection, then a fixed awning may be the best alternative.

Businesses prefer fixed awnings for protection on the entrances and exits. For homes, a retractable one can be perfect since it allows a homeowner to manually or automatically retract and extend the awning as required. Retractable ones are convenient for homes and offer control to the homeowner of when how it is used. Choose from retractable or fixed awnings; whatever meets your efficiency and design needs.

Choose The Right Fabrics and Colors

There is a wide variety of colors and fabrics offered by various manufacturers today. Choosing a high-quality fabric is one of the best investments that you can ever make for your home. The difference in price between low quality and high-quality fabrics doesn't justify you to invest in a cheap fabric. You get what you pay for. Heavy and high-quality fabrics resist fading as compared to cheaper or light ones. That being said, be sure to make an informed choice for your home. Also, choose the color that will best match the exteriors of your home.

Choose The Most Suitable Design
There are wide varieties of designs from which you can choose from - dome-shaped with stripes or solid colors, convex, concave or standard. However, if you are thinking of something else, you can have your awning customized to your likes and preferences. You can also choose the material you want for your awning. Some of the most common materials are canvas, acrylic, and tarpaulin fabric among others. Just make sure that the design of your choice complements the structure and appeal of your home.

If you have a business, then awnings can market your business and make it stand out. Thus, focus on making them stand out. You may be required to invest in a costly structure to make sure you stand out. That is not the only thing, the fonts and coloration should match local vibes. If you don't know how you can make your awnings stand out, then consult a design expert.

Check The Quality Of Materials and Products Used
Durability is a very vital quality that you need to keep in mind. Quality awnings can go for a minimum of ten years without the need for being replaced along the way. Make sure that the frame won't break or snap during strong winds and rains or when it is retracted since such an incident may be dangerous. Choosing man-made fabrics over natural fabrics may be beneficial since they are resistant to fading, rotting and may even last six times longer.

Check Homeowner's Associations By laws and Rules
If you are a condo owner or home owner that is part of an association, check to ensure that the installation of the awning doesn't go against association bylaws and rules. Since awnings save energy and minimize cooling costs, most associations accept the idea of installing one, provided it's beautiful and best fits the building. In other cases, you may have to ask for permission and provide precise details of size, color, and manner with which the awning will be installed.

Know Your Budget
No matter how you like a certain design of awning, it may be impossible to choose it if it's price doesn't fit your budget. Therefore, know the cost that you can afford but be reasonable about the quality of services you require. As said earlier, don't go for a low quality awning just because it is cheap. This may even cost you more in the long run when you consider replacement costs. Consider your budget but don't go for cheap, low quality materials that will stress you as time goes by.

Go For An Installer With Excellent Workmanship and Customer Services

The best awning installers are willing to come to your home, inspect where you want the awning installed and take the necessary measurements to make sure the awning fits perfectly. This will save you times and avoid delays because redoing won't be necessary at all. When deciding for the company that will make the installation, research and due diligence can go a long way in making the project easy for you. Ask for references and if possible, take a look at homes that have had awnings installed by the company you are considering.

Talk to the homeowners and get feedback on your potential awning installation company. There are many companies that offer awning installation services to people and they all have different prices. Call around and compare different companies with their prices to see where you can make savings.

Awnings not only provide protection against the sun, but they also offer shelter from strong winds and rain. They can also be perfect advertising tools when chosen and installed properly. If you're looking to install an awning for your home or business, then go for the best. With the above awning installation tips, you are one step closer to having a perfectly looking awning in your home or business.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

The Different Types Of Awnings Available In The Market

You have always dreamt of having that amazing homing that you call your paradise where you have the most enticing environment that makes you feel comfortable and living like a king. In some way or another, you work hard to accomplish your desires, and you finally acquire the home of your dream.

You work tirelessly to install every equipment, create a stylish compound, install beautiful furnishings on both inside and the outside making it become the attraction center to all your visitors and passers-by. But one thing you realize is that somehow the climate is changing and becoming hostile to the furnishings and start losing the value of your parlor, and this is something you don't want to happen. This is the time you think of something that can protect your home from harsh weather, and this is when you get the idea of awnings. Awnings can protect your building exteriors from unnecessary exposure as they act as a protective screen. To realize the best awning for your home, you have to understand the following types.

Stationary Awning
This type of awning is usually a permanent canopy that is fixed on top of your home exterior to prevent extreme weather from hitting your house directly. They are strong and durable to reduce the impact of strong winds, collect the falling snow and minimize hot sun damages. You can have stationary awnings specifically custom made for your home by the experts. The manufacturers of this awning cater to the needs of different individuals by unveiling awnings made from different materials such as vinyl, traditional canvas, decorated plastic to fit in your patio and deliver the particular needs of different people.

Portable Awning
The portable awnings have numerous advantages and can also be obtained as custom made to fulfill the specific needs. If you purchase one of these, you can move it from one part of the house to another depending on the direction of the extreme weather. You can fit it in the direction of the snowfall to reduce the impact and change it when the direction alternates and also do the same in case of different climate situation such as the extreme sun. With these type of awning, you don't have to incur an extra cost of purchasing several as you can just use a few by alternating to various positions depending on the demand of weather and climate changes.

Motorized Awnings:

These types of awnings use the latest technology where they use electric power for operation. The good thing is that they do not require much of manual work. You only need to hire an expert for installation; you can also go ahead and request the experts to integrate the system and install your remote control. Motorized awnings can be switched on to roll up the canopy if you see the weather is changing may when its about to rain. If your system has been installed with the sensors, the sensors can detect weather changes and roll up the canopy or retract the awning from the top when the weather condition is pleasant.

Retractable Awnings
Most people are fond of these awnings because of flexibility. These awnings are portable and also retractable, you can install them during the time of the day when there is harsh weather condition and roll up then later on after use and store them somewhere. They are strong and durable and can withstand extreme conditions. The possibility of installing them when needed and storing provide a long lasting period, and you don't have to purchase new awnings every time thus saving you a lot of other essential needs.

The above are the common awning types available in the market for your perfect home, but you will find other companies classifying the awnings in various categories as follows:

The Freestanding Awnings
These are awnings that stand on their own and do not require to be mounted on the walls. They are flexible and can be installed in various positions of your home, and the patio awnings can be fixed over the freestanding awnings for support making the protective screen much stronger. They are popular for homeowners, business premises, lawns, poolside because they can cover a wide area. They come in various models and design thus offering consumers a wide selection for different needs.

The Conservatory Awnings

These awnings are made with exclusive design and framework, and they are usually fitted to the current roofing structure. They come in the internal design that prevents the sun rays from hitting the glass windows directly; the external design is fitted over the internal design promoting a better cover. This ensures the temperature inside your home is controlled and you experience evenly spread warmth desired in your house. These awnings protect your furnishings and patio from the sun rays damage and would survive for long before fading and wearing out.

Commercial and Domestic Use Awnings
Commercial awnings are made with sturdiness and long lasting materials and large to cover large areas. They can be installed in places like hospitals and restaurants where the people living in these premises require a stable and constant room temperatures. They also prevent vandalism cases and cases where buildings are filled with unauthorized signwriting on the walls. They can be used to expand the space around and promote aesthetics. On the other hand domestic awnings come with perfect designs, styles, and varied sizes to fit every home requirements for the perfect match with the existing structure including the color.


It is evident that awnings can protect your home from the damage from harsh weather conditions. You don't have to witness your home lose its value while doing nothing, you need to consult an expert when your home is still shining and new. Let them advise on which awnings best fit your home and request for cost estimates. This will help you decide appropriately while selecting your awnings. You also need to hire an expert who can install the awnings on your patios so that the home maintains the beautiful construction design as you may ruin the smartness and decorations if you try to do it by yourself.