Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Tips On Clean Your Awning Yourself

Singapore has two seasons, they are known merely as the “wet” and “dry” season. The wet season brings an abundance of rain, as the dry season stays mostly barren in falling rain droplets. Nonetheless, humidity is always at an all-time high. This will certainly cause damage to your awning if it is not maintained properly. An awning in Singapore is not just a luxury, you see, it is a necessity due to the weather, so keeping it in tip top shape is of much importance. There really is no point of having an awning that is sagging with mold or has holes in it from a beat down finish. The life span also depends on how you often you clean your awning, and these back-patio companions are not cheap. In the following, I will illuminate some method for those of you have awnings in Singapore, starting with the do it yourself technique.

Awning Cleaning: The Do It Yourself Way
This method will cost you time, yes, but it will indefinitely save you a chunk of cash. Hiring professionals can be costly, and why not do it yourself if you can do so? I do not urge you to do it yourself, but if you do indeed enjoy outdoor projects, this is a great one, and it will save you some money. Here are few tips on how you can maintain and clean your awning without the aid from a professional

Simple Clean: Cleaning an awning is not nearly as tough as you imagined. All you need is soapy water and a soft bristle brush. Gently brush awning and rinse! This will do wonders to your awnings functionality and will make it look nice and brand new!

Twigs and Leaf Imprints:
Keep a close eye out for twigs and leaves that dock on your awning. The sap that is quickly drained from these tree shedding’s will also quickly stain your awning! Be diligent about leaves and twigs!

You Are Not Sailing: Your awning is not capable of withstanding high powered winds. When the breeze kicks up outside, make sure to RETRACT your awning swiftly, for strong winds can contort and damage your awning.

Don’t Let That Tare Get Out of Control: Anytime you notice even the smallest tare, tend to it. There are many DIY patch kits for awnings available. I would suggest grabbing one immediately and fixing the small tare, for with the helping hand of the powerful wind, you can literally sit there and watch your awning tare away.

BBQ Over Yonder: Beautiful sunny days are perfect for a BBQ with some friends! However, take that grill to another location, one that is NOT under or near the awning. Rising smoke will cause extreme staining and damage to your awning. Also, the last thing you want is a raging fire overhead; that won’t grant much protection!

Hiring Professional Cleaners

If you do not fancy the idea of cleaning your awning yourself, whether it be time or health you lack, there are plenty of professionals in Singapore who offer great awning cleaning services.

Whether you want to hire someone, or if you would rather do it yourself, cleaning your awning regularly, around every 4-6 months, will not just keep your awning properly functioning, but it can double the life span! The average awning in Singapore lasts anywhere from 4-6 years, so doubling that means you can have your awning for up to 12 years! Awnings are not cheap, so taking care of them is beyond necessary if you want to save your wallet and your head from aching pain.

As Singapore only has two seasons, Summer and Fall, or “dry” and “wet,” the humidity along with the thundering tropical storms will do a hefty number on your awning. Staying diligent with awning maintenance will allow you to beat the turbulent Singapore Seasons. I hope this has helped!