Friday, 14 October 2016

6 Smart Tips On Awning Installation

In Singapore, if you have home that is slightly open, then you never need to worry about the sunlight there. You can get enough sunlight and sometime you may wish to reduce the entry of sunlight in your balcony or other open places. In order to do that, you can always take the help of awning and you can control the amount of sunlight with that. But it is also very important that you can get the best result with it only if you follow the best awning installation tips. With the right installation tips you can actually get amazing result and to help you more in it here I am sharing 6 smart tips on awning installation.

Check the surface area: before you begin the installation work, it is extremely important that you cross check the surface area and its measurement. This rule is applicable for all kind of installation. So, it does not matter if you are installing the same in your balcony or on your penthouse, you should keep this simple thing in your mind. This is very important because the average weight of awning would be 7 to 10 pound on per square foot area. If you fail to calculate the weight, then you would not be able to get the right kind of brackets or other support things as well. That is why experts consider this as one of the most basic awning installation tips that you need to remember to get optimum result.

Get the essential tools: You cannot do any installation work unless you have right tools for that. Same rule is applicable for the awning installation as well. If you don’t have right tools, then you may not do any good in it. Nor any of the awning installation tips will help you in that. Hence, you should try to collect all the tools that are essential for awning installation and then only you should go ahead for the installation. Talking about the tools that you may need, then you should have wrench, drill machine, screw driver, chalk line and several things similar to this. You can learn more about the tools that you need from the user manual that you got with your awning.

Consider balcony structure: If you are planning to do the installation in your balcony, then you should consider its structure before going ahead. All the awning installation tips recommend you should check this structure and you should check various factors including strength, ease of working and your safety. If you feel that structure is not strong enough to hold the weight of the awning, then you should not try to do the installation there. Other than this, you should also check if you can work easily there or not. Last but not the lease, security is very important and if you cannot finish the work safely, then not doing that would be the best thing for you. At least all the expert give this recommendation in their awning installation tips to beginners or diy users.

Check the things: Before you begging the installation work, make sure you check the awning and you are sure that you have all the things available in your hand. If you have any part of awning missing or damaged, then you should get it before starting the work. Also, in all the awning installation tips it is advised that you should check other material such as brackets, faucets and other things are available or not. This simple check list will keep you away from many of the troubles and you may have good result with utmost simplicity. Hence I can also say this is one of the most basic yet most important awning installation tips that you must keep in your mind.

Do all the marking: For awning installation, you should do the marking in proper manner. This marking should include places where you need to drill and where you need to place the awning. AT start it may seem a boring task, but once you are done with it, then you can get really good result for sure. So, do that thing and make sure you get the best result as well. This may seem very simple and boring task for some people and they may choose to avoid it assuming they can work without marking. But if you would do this, then you would face problem and you would realize the importance of marking. So, make you follow this tip as well just like all the other awning installation tips that I gave above and you would get good result.

Check the strength carefully: This is also very important that you check the strength of the awning and other associated things before doing this work. If you won’t do this in a proper manner, then you may end up getting a complicated result as well. In order to get the best result and to have a complication free installation, you should check all the strengths properly. Also, choosing a good brand can keep you away from many of the troubles because a good brand always pay detailed attention on the strength and safety part. So, this is certain that if you would choose a good brand, then you would have good results also without any issue.

In addition to above awning installation tips it is also important that you check how long it will last and will it look good in your balcony or not. In some situation, you may need to take approval from authorities for the installation of awning in your balcony or in your property. If that is the case, then you should take written approval from all the agencies to keep the trouble out of your door. And if you cannot follow above awning installation tips in carefully manner, then it is advised that you don’t do the installation by yourself. In that situation, you should talk to some experts that can do the installation for you and you should only think about enjoying the awning after the work is completed.