Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Tips On Clean Your Awning Yourself

Singapore has two seasons, they are known merely as the “wet” and “dry” season. The wet season brings an abundance of rain, as the dry season stays mostly barren in falling rain droplets. Nonetheless, humidity is always at an all-time high. This will certainly cause damage to your awning if it is not maintained properly. An awning in Singapore is not just a luxury, you see, it is a necessity due to the weather, so keeping it in tip top shape is of much importance. There really is no point of having an awning that is sagging with mold or has holes in it from a beat down finish. The life span also depends on how you often you clean your awning, and these back-patio companions are not cheap. In the following, I will illuminate some method for those of you have awnings in Singapore, starting with the do it yourself technique.

Awning Cleaning: The Do It Yourself Way
This method will cost you time, yes, but it will indefinitely save you a chunk of cash. Hiring professionals can be costly, and why not do it yourself if you can do so? I do not urge you to do it yourself, but if you do indeed enjoy outdoor projects, this is a great one, and it will save you some money. Here are few tips on how you can maintain and clean your awning without the aid from a professional

Simple Clean: Cleaning an awning is not nearly as tough as you imagined. All you need is soapy water and a soft bristle brush. Gently brush awning and rinse! This will do wonders to your awnings functionality and will make it look nice and brand new!

Twigs and Leaf Imprints:
Keep a close eye out for twigs and leaves that dock on your awning. The sap that is quickly drained from these tree shedding’s will also quickly stain your awning! Be diligent about leaves and twigs!

You Are Not Sailing: Your awning is not capable of withstanding high powered winds. When the breeze kicks up outside, make sure to RETRACT your awning swiftly, for strong winds can contort and damage your awning.

Don’t Let That Tare Get Out of Control: Anytime you notice even the smallest tare, tend to it. There are many DIY patch kits for awnings available. I would suggest grabbing one immediately and fixing the small tare, for with the helping hand of the powerful wind, you can literally sit there and watch your awning tare away.

BBQ Over Yonder: Beautiful sunny days are perfect for a BBQ with some friends! However, take that grill to another location, one that is NOT under or near the awning. Rising smoke will cause extreme staining and damage to your awning. Also, the last thing you want is a raging fire overhead; that won’t grant much protection!

Hiring Professional Cleaners

If you do not fancy the idea of cleaning your awning yourself, whether it be time or health you lack, there are plenty of professionals in Singapore who offer great awning cleaning services.

Whether you want to hire someone, or if you would rather do it yourself, cleaning your awning regularly, around every 4-6 months, will not just keep your awning properly functioning, but it can double the life span! The average awning in Singapore lasts anywhere from 4-6 years, so doubling that means you can have your awning for up to 12 years! Awnings are not cheap, so taking care of them is beyond necessary if you want to save your wallet and your head from aching pain.

As Singapore only has two seasons, Summer and Fall, or “dry” and “wet,” the humidity along with the thundering tropical storms will do a hefty number on your awning. Staying diligent with awning maintenance will allow you to beat the turbulent Singapore Seasons. I hope this has helped!

Friday, 14 October 2016

6 Smart Tips On Awning Installation

In Singapore, if you have home that is slightly open, then you never need to worry about the sunlight there. You can get enough sunlight and sometime you may wish to reduce the entry of sunlight in your balcony or other open places. In order to do that, you can always take the help of awning and you can control the amount of sunlight with that. But it is also very important that you can get the best result with it only if you follow the best awning installation tips. With the right installation tips you can actually get amazing result and to help you more in it here I am sharing 6 smart tips on awning installation.

Check the surface area: before you begin the installation work, it is extremely important that you cross check the surface area and its measurement. This rule is applicable for all kind of installation. So, it does not matter if you are installing the same in your balcony or on your penthouse, you should keep this simple thing in your mind. This is very important because the average weight of awning would be 7 to 10 pound on per square foot area. If you fail to calculate the weight, then you would not be able to get the right kind of brackets or other support things as well. That is why experts consider this as one of the most basic awning installation tips that you need to remember to get optimum result.

Get the essential tools: You cannot do any installation work unless you have right tools for that. Same rule is applicable for the awning installation as well. If you don’t have right tools, then you may not do any good in it. Nor any of the awning installation tips will help you in that. Hence, you should try to collect all the tools that are essential for awning installation and then only you should go ahead for the installation. Talking about the tools that you may need, then you should have wrench, drill machine, screw driver, chalk line and several things similar to this. You can learn more about the tools that you need from the user manual that you got with your awning.

Consider balcony structure: If you are planning to do the installation in your balcony, then you should consider its structure before going ahead. All the awning installation tips recommend you should check this structure and you should check various factors including strength, ease of working and your safety. If you feel that structure is not strong enough to hold the weight of the awning, then you should not try to do the installation there. Other than this, you should also check if you can work easily there or not. Last but not the lease, security is very important and if you cannot finish the work safely, then not doing that would be the best thing for you. At least all the expert give this recommendation in their awning installation tips to beginners or diy users.

Check the things: Before you begging the installation work, make sure you check the awning and you are sure that you have all the things available in your hand. If you have any part of awning missing or damaged, then you should get it before starting the work. Also, in all the awning installation tips it is advised that you should check other material such as brackets, faucets and other things are available or not. This simple check list will keep you away from many of the troubles and you may have good result with utmost simplicity. Hence I can also say this is one of the most basic yet most important awning installation tips that you must keep in your mind.

Do all the marking: For awning installation, you should do the marking in proper manner. This marking should include places where you need to drill and where you need to place the awning. AT start it may seem a boring task, but once you are done with it, then you can get really good result for sure. So, do that thing and make sure you get the best result as well. This may seem very simple and boring task for some people and they may choose to avoid it assuming they can work without marking. But if you would do this, then you would face problem and you would realize the importance of marking. So, make you follow this tip as well just like all the other awning installation tips that I gave above and you would get good result.

Check the strength carefully: This is also very important that you check the strength of the awning and other associated things before doing this work. If you won’t do this in a proper manner, then you may end up getting a complicated result as well. In order to get the best result and to have a complication free installation, you should check all the strengths properly. Also, choosing a good brand can keep you away from many of the troubles because a good brand always pay detailed attention on the strength and safety part. So, this is certain that if you would choose a good brand, then you would have good results also without any issue.

In addition to above awning installation tips it is also important that you check how long it will last and will it look good in your balcony or not. In some situation, you may need to take approval from authorities for the installation of awning in your balcony or in your property. If that is the case, then you should take written approval from all the agencies to keep the trouble out of your door. And if you cannot follow above awning installation tips in carefully manner, then it is advised that you don’t do the installation by yourself. In that situation, you should talk to some experts that can do the installation for you and you should only think about enjoying the awning after the work is completed.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

How Do Retractable Awning Work

If we walk around the streets, it is quite common to come across various stores and perhaps even homes which have different types of nice looking awnings. They provide shelter to the customers from sun and other elements of the nature. For many open door restaurants and other such places, there is no doubt that these awnings do play an important role. However, we find that the awnings are retracted in the evenings and again put back on the morning. Hence many of us might be curious to find out how does a retractable awning work?

We will try and find out answers for the same. This is because they are quite useful in places like Singapore where the sun during summer seasons could be harsh and finding shade in an open environment could be difficult. Even if you have a home with gardens and backyard using these retractable awnings can help in spending some good time with your family members without having to bother about the sunlight, heat, heavy breeze or even moderate to heavy rain. At the end of the day we can retract it and free the space and use it for some other purposes.

Why They Are Called Retractable Awnings
Put in plain and simple word, a retractable awning is something that can be moved in and moved out. It comes with a cassette which helps the awning to be rolled up when it is not being used. The awnings could also be made out of canvas or other materials and all of them work in the same mechanics. The awnings are also made from aluminum and other hard metals and they also can be rolled up in a cassette without much difficulty. They are pushed up inside the cassette with the help of arms which are located on the window or door sides where they awnings are used. There are different types of awnings and some has poles and posts to keep them in place. These are not exactly safe and children can run the risk of running into them and injuring them. There are others with support arms which bear the weight of the canvas and keep it in place. This will prevent people from running into it and damaging it.

How Does It Actually Work
Before we understand how retractable awnings actually work, we should know that they basically come in two types either manually operated or motor operated. A manual awning works with the help of articulated arms which help the awning to close and open in different stages. On the other hand when we use a motorized awning, telescopic awnings are used. They help in retracting and protracting which helps the awning to open and close. Further when you choose a motorized retractable awning it must use gas, or other some other fuel to power the motor which in turn will move the articulated arms.

They Are Fixed At The Base
There is one more piece of information which needs to be kept as far as functioning of awnings are concerned. They are fixed and kept in place at the base. They derive their support and strength from the springs which are of high tension. These springs work as muscles and help move the arms of these retractable awnings. The frames are usually made from light weight aluminum, which are light but at the same time durable and long lasting. However, when operating the awning it is important to put at little external pressure as possible. Sharp movements or heavy metals can certainly cause damage to the retractable arms.

Why Motorized Awnings Are Chosen
When an awning is moved up and down or opened and closed, the articulated arms have to handle lot of weight. Hence many end users prefer going in for motorized awnings. They are preferred because they do not require brawn to operate and the motor handles the same. They are often comparable to a remote controlled TV. There are remote operated awnings available today. When the right button is pressed the motor gets initiated. The motor then takes control of the articulated arms and based on the instructions the arms start moving the awning up or down or in other words help to close it or open it. Technology has moved so far ahead that today it is possible to even run the heaviest of awning using motors. They come with what is known as integrated tube motoring system. This is because of the integrated design which is in built. The wire which is connected to the motor will run till the awning end.

When the motor is activated it will provide wind to the barrel and will also open the fabric cover. The arms are able to work because they have gas pistons or high spring tension system which has been talked about earlier. The tension released from the springs or the gas operated pistons ensure that the awnings close and open smoothly, without the end user knowing anything much about it.

The Importance Of Framework
The framework on which the awning sits should be strong and resilient. The conventional awning will have only two arms, while the larger ones could have three or even four and more. Each arm has two main sections and they are connected with a jointed section. When the power is switched on and the motor works, the arms will work similar to a human being and will extend or contract depending on the work that needs to be done. The arm is kept in place with the help of a chain and protects it from strong winds and other elements of nature.

The chains which are being used to power awning are made from steel links the best quality of steel is used. They are non-rusting and corrosion free and hence they will last a full lifetime. In fact a new technology has evolved by which it is now possible to replace the chain with a Kevlar mix. This helps in reducing friction when the arm is extended and contracted. Hence they are not only safer but also make much less noise compared to the ones which use chains.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Need of Choosing a Good Retractable Awning Company

Consumers get a lot of options for the place to purchase retractable awnings. Beginning from catalog to infomercial, household house owners go for retractable awnings Firms attempt to obtain believe in various techniques: traditional keep fronts use cheerful shows, on the net stores tout totally free accessories.

When the consumers have an idea of picking out of real business, then there are a lot of companies from which they can decide on best for them. A great organization focuses on identifying the components in the item which make a difference for your household. They make themselves offered in your assist inside selection course of action.

The best indication of a great firm is that they avail some signifies of rendering a preview of a particular design over a particular residence. One of the most normally employed methods is usually a photograph gallery that is used by a company, displaying examples of their retractable. types at each angle and on several different variations of equally residential and commercial buildings.

They could provide you with a notion concerning the awning essential as part of your house by seeing the image from the developing. Like, some businesses do mockups centered around the sizing, fashion, and fabric of their awing using a photograph of one's dwelling, you'll find extremely modest quantity of companies who've Internet utility which automatically uploads the image.

This makes it possible for you to vary awning frame and fabric designs, sizes, and installation locations on the fly - and also make a concept concerning the price tag based on your last design. 80% in the business is made from the businesses through typical clients. Individuals who're known to the firm arrive once more and yet again.

The firms have a strong reputation that has been profiled on T.V or within an information source or used being a base for your story. And have a whole lot of encounter to present you a fantastic result greater than your expectation. Trade indicate one thing where the retailers meet up with the producers and element supplier; it's taken as attendance of good quality. These are some strategies for deciding upon an excellent Retractable Awning Company, which will surely enable you to all so you can get the very best out of the many companies obtainable.

Enhancing Your Outdoor Experience Retractable Awnings

There is a variety of retractable awnings out there today from motorized, window, and even free-standing awnings. Since there are many benefits of owning one keeping you dry from the rain, keeping the sun out of your eyes and even cutting energy costs. With the huge advantages of owning one, you sure soon find out why so many people choose to buy one for their home or recreational vehicle.

Putting up your retractable awning in your large backyard will keep you from the rain and sun so with the simple set up you are fortunate. Set up in minutes you can start to relax on your days off in the cool shade when summer comes around. No need to worry if the weather gets rainy the awning is entirely waterproof to keep you and your friends dry.

On the road with your trailer or recreational vehicle, a retractable awning can add to your experience. Easy to attach it can be extended as soon as you arrive at your next destination. Whether you sit and relax in a chair or have lunch with your family, there is a great advantage to owning one.

If you are going on a picnic with a standalone awning will enhance your experience of the great outdoors. Giving you a shaded place in your backyard set up is easy and done in minutes. Adding shaded space to your backyard or camp site is a great idea to have fun and stay cool.

These days its difficult to save our hard earned cash on our electric bill however now with the shade from retractable awnings its a snap. Not just only adding to the exterior look of your residence it also keeps the rooms inside your house cooler. Saving money and adding to the look of your home window awnings are an intelligent choice for everybody.

Motorized awnings provide a more convenient way to extend your awning when you need that extra shade. There is no need to do anything manually when using the remote control will give you more freedom you want. Seeing the affordable cost of awnings today you can see why it's so popular with just a press of a button.

With the great selection of awnings, it's no difficult to understand why people are getting them for their home or trailers for their next vacation. Stay in the shade out of the direct sunlight or just keeping you out of the rain. Easily setup the retractable awning once and there is no need to do anything else giving you the great advantage of saving cash on your energy bill and enhancing the style of your home.

Benefits Of Retractable Awnings

A simple way of sprucing your home's exterior up is by installing retractable awnings. These structures, besides providing shade, increase the value of a home and lower the indoor temperatures. A, sometimes much needed, extra living space is created that can be enjoyed without suffering from harmful UV ray exposure. They are also extremely easy to install and very low maintenance.

The most attractive feature for buyers is that the awnings only need a little or no maintenance. They are constructed out of durable and unbreakable materials. The fabrics used are impervious to rotting and even fading. They are weather resistant too. And because they are retractable, they aren't affected by severe weather or dense snowfall when closed

A great way to create an extension of your home is by installing an awning. As temperatures under an awning are more agreeable, indoor activities will be able to be enjoyed outside. From the shady comfort of the area, you have the option of reading the paper even on a sweltering summer day. The awning essentially creates an extra room that can be utilized even in rainy weather.

Another plus is they create a sufficient amount of shade. The area covered by an awning is roughly 15 degrees cooler than areas that are not. The retractable awnings also block the sun's light by ninety-four percent, and this includes dangerous UV rays.

This means that occupants will be able to spend comfortably more days outside without fretting about UV rays or pesky sunburns.

Awnings that are installed on a wall with windows can even lower temperatures inside the house. This means a lot less time you'll have to run your air conditioner each day during the summer. And that means a significantly lower electric bill.

As functional as retractable awnings are, the main reason homeowners love them is for their style. Once the decision to install an awning has been made the only step left is to choose the color. Awnings come in all colors and patterns so finding one that will mesh well with your home's exterior will be no problem at all.

Installing a retractable awning on your home is a great investment. Their temperature lowering abilities and low maintenance make them a very functional addition. They also make great extra additions to a home, providing an open space where its occupants are safe from harmful sunlight. And their limitless styles will assure they bring a splash of flair to your home's exterior.